Which Platforms Can I Use?

Learn what platforms we use for trading through The Funded Trader

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Note: The DXTrade platform is available exclusively to U.S. citizens and nationals; cTrader is for international customers only

Challenge Accounts & Simulated Funded Accounts

Currently, we support the following Trading Platforms for Challenges and Simulated Funded accounts:

  1. Platform 5 via Thaurus LTD: Restricted to only clients outside of the United States

  2. cTrader via Voyage Markets: Restricted to only clients outside of the United States.

  3. DXtrade via Voyage Markets:

    • For more information on the platform, please read this article.

Competition & Free Trial Accounts

We will not be organizing Competitions & issuing any Free Trials until further notice

Requirements for Trading Platform and Account Type changes:

Customers are not able switch Account Types, or Trading Platforms after receiving their account.

Note: both the virtual daily drawdown and virtual max drawdown breach on an account includes simulated commissions and swap fees.

Stay tuned for updates as we look to expand our platform offerings in the future!

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