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DXtrade: Your Comprehensive Guide
DXtrade: Your Comprehensive Guide
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Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ guide on DXtrade, your go-to resource for all queries regarding this advanced trading platform. We are extremely excited to bring this new platform to the community! Below you'll find detailed answers to common questions, along with helpful links, including where to download the platform, how to get started, and tips for maximizing your trading experience with DXtrade.

Note: The DXTrade platform is available exclusively to U.S. citizens and nationals; cTrader and Platform 5 are for international customers only

What is DXtrade?

DXtrade is an intuitive and easy-to-use trading platform designed to offer a seamless trading experience. It's a robust platform known for its user-centric design, offering a smooth and interactive trading experience. With DXtrade, you gain access to advanced features like customizable charting tools for in-depth technical analysis, efficient order execution, and a flexible interface that can be tailored to individual preferences. Should you have inquiries or need support with DXtrade, please let us know.

How do I download and install DXtrade?

We provide access to DXtrade's trading platforms through Voyage Markets.

DXtrade | Web Platform |

Upon launching the platform, log in using the provided account credentials, and you'll be ready to start. You can also find your credentials under: Account Overview > Select account > Credentials.

Please ensure that you are using the DXtrade username (TFT_XXXXX) to login and not the account number:

Please note: Currently, the platform cannot be accessed via a desktop/mobile application and your credentials would only work on the web platform.

Where can I find information about trading instruments in DXtrade?

  • To learn more about the symbol information, right click on the symbol and select ‘Instrument info’. Once clicked, a new window will open and the symbol information will be shown for that particular day:

How do I create and manage simulated orders on DXtrade?

Creating and managing orders is simple on DXtrade. To place a new order, navigate to the Chart tab and select the type of order you wish to create. You can follow the image below for reference:

How do I change the language on DXtrade?

To adjust the language settings on DXtrade to your preference, click on the 3 horizontal lines button on the right top corner of the dashboard and select ‘Languages’. Once selected you will be able to choose between the options currently available.

How do I manage watchlists and simulated positions in DXtrade?

To manage your watchlists and simulated positions in DXtrade, head to the ‘My Trading Account’ tab and select ‘Watchlist’. You can add new instruments to your watchlist by clicking on the ‘Create Your List’ option from the ‘Default Watchlist’ dropdown menu.

To view or modify open positions, go to the Positions tab where you can adjust trades, set Stop Losses, or Take Profits by right-clicking on the position and select ‘Modify Position’.

Note: Simulated 'Swap' fees will be referred to as 'Financing' on this platform; however, please note that they are the same.

Where can I find resources for DXtrade?

For an overview of how to navigate DXtrade’s interface, please check out these videos

What should I do if I encounter any issues with DXtrade?

Please check out this article here for additional FAQs on DXTrade.

If you experience any issues, our support team is ready to assist you. Contact us via Live Chat, and we'll ensure your concerns are addressed promptly.

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