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What happens if I violate a rule of the challenge?
What happens if I violate a rule of the challenge?

What happens to your challenge account when a rule is violated.

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Understanding Violations of Daily Drawdown and Max Drawdown Rules

When a trader violates a daily drawdown or max drawdown rule, our evaluation technology will automatically breach the trader's account and place it into read-only mode. The trader's dashboard will reflect this violation by changing the account status to "Failed". If the trader wants to attempt the evaluation again, they must purchase another account on our website.

Terms of Use Violations

If the trader passes the evaluation but any violations, such as a breach of our Terms of Use or abuse of the demo trading environment, are found, a member of our Trader Success Team will contact them and notify them of the violation. The trader's account will be manually breached and placed into read-only mode. As before, the Trader's Dashboard will reflect this violation with an account status of "Failed" and the trader must purchase another account in order to get another chance at the evaluation.

What should I do if I have a complaint or inquiry about a trade execution?

If you have an inquiry or complaint about a trade you submitted, please raise the issue within 7 days of the attempted trade. The team will not investigate issues reported after this period.

Steps to Submit a Complaint:

1. Identify the Trade: Ensure you have all relevant details about the trade, including the date, time, and any other pertinent information.

2. Submit the Inquiry: Contact our support team through the live chat and provide all necessary details in the corresponding ticket type

3. Investigation Process: If your inquiry is raised within the 7-day window, our team will prioritize the issue and share more information regarding the situation.

By adhering to this process, we can ensure timely and effective resolution of trade execution complaints.

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