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A Comprehensive Guide to The Funded Trader Knight Challenge
A Comprehensive Guide to The Funded Trader Knight Challenge

Explore the Knight Challenge: An Overview of Account Sizes and Pricing Tiers.

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The Knight Challenge offers traders a unique one-phase evaluation process designed to test the full range of your skills in which you can get your first payout in as little as 7 days after acquiring the Simulated Funded Account.

Simulated Profit Target and Simulated Drawdown Rules

  • The Knight Challenge consists of a one-phased evaluation process where a trader has unlimited calendar days to achieve a 10% Simulated Profit Target.

  • During the trading period, the trader must not hit the maximum daily simulated drawdown of 3% equity (4% with Add-On) at any time based on the starting day's balance & equity of their account (whichever is higher). The trader must also not hit the maximum relative simulated drawdown of 6% (7% with Add-On) from the starting balance of the account. There are no minimum trading days for this challenge.

NOTE: For Knight Challenge Phase 1 and as well as simulated Funded Accounts, are routed through a simulated feed, therefore simulating real market conditions.

Knight Challenge Payout

  • Traders will also be eligible for a payout after 7 days of acquiring the Simulated Funded Account - one of the fastest payouts in the industry. There are also no lot size limits, you can use EAs and Trade Copiers on this challenge.

  • Any violation of the rules above will result in the termination of your simulated trading account and you will not be eligible to move forward in the program with that account. Traders are more than welcome to start over by joining the program with a new trading account.

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