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cTrader: Your Comprehensive Guide
cTrader: Your Comprehensive Guide
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Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ guide on cTrader, your go-to resource for all queries regarding this advanced trading platform. We are extremely excited to bring this new platform to the community! Below you'll find detailed answers to common questions, along with helpful links, including where to download the platform, how to get started, and tips for maximizing your trading experience with cTrader. It is important to note that cTrader will be only be available to our international customers (This is not available for those residing in the United States).

What is cTrader?

cTrader is a comprehensive trading platform developed by Spotware Systems, widely recognized for its intuitive interface, advanced trading capabilities, and robust charting tools, offering a transparent trading environment. You can view a brief video on the key highlights of cTrader here.

How do I download and install cTrader?

We support cTrader in versions for PC in the form of a desktop application (Windows), web application, available in any web browser (Windows, Linux, MAC) or Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

To download and install cTrader, visit the official cTrader downloads page here.

To view the requirements for the Desktop App, see this article here.

Where can I find information about trading instruments in cTrader?

All the information about trading instruments is available in the cTrader trading platform. Use the right-click in the window "Finder" in section “Trader” located within the left menu. Right-click on a chosen instrument and select “Symbol Window”. In this section, you will find information about the minimum/maximum trading volumes, swap, trading hours, etc. The list of trading instruments offered can also be found on this website.

How do I change the language on cTrader?

The language of trading platform cTrader can be changed in the bottom left corner when you click on the “cogwheel”. Then, in the white tab, choose “General”. The first option is changing the language.

How do I log into the cTrader trading platform?

Login details (email and link for creating a password) are generated by cTrader after opening an account. These credentials are sent in a Welcome email to the email address you entered in the registration form. There is only one password for all of the cTrader accounts linked per email.

How do I display all trading instruments in cTrader?

After logging into cTrader, click on the 3 lines in the top left corner, go to “Trade” and choose “All Symbols”. There you will find all the available instruments.

Can I use cTrader on my mobile device?

Yes, cTrader is available on both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to trade on the go. You can download the mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

After installing the Voyage Markets cTrader application on your mobile device, open the app, enter your email and password, and click on “Login”. The login email and password are the same as those used across the various installation methods (E.g., desktop platform).

Where can I find support and resources for cTrader?

You can access the cTrader help center here.

Why can’t I open a trade in cTrader?

To address common issues when initiating trades, consider the following solutions:

  • Checking Connectivity: Ensure your connection is active by checking for data updates in cTrader's bottom right corner and movement in the charts. This may indicate a successful connection to your trading account.

  • Verifying Order Volume: Confirm that your trade volume aligns with the platform's minimum lot size and step lot requirements, and ensure you have sufficient free margin for the trade.

  • Understanding Trading Hours: You can review trading hours on cTrader by right-clicking, within the "Finder" section, the "Trader" tab on the left menu. Choose an instrument and select "Symbol Window" to view its trading schedule. cTrader offers a range of features, including advanced charting tools, level II pricing, one-click trading, multiple order types, and a fully customizable interface. It also supports algorithmic trading through cAlgo.

    • Note that trading operations are paused during the nightly liquidity pool transition from 23:59:00 to 00:05:59 (cTrader server time), affecting the ability to open, adjust, or close trades.

  • Unstable or Slow Internet Connections: The unstable internet connection can interrupt the trading process. Note that an unstable connection isn't necessarily equal to a slow connection. It's highly recommended to check your internet connection with your Internet Service Provider or your system administrator.

    The low bandwidth connection can also cause cTrader to restart the login process or even the connection fails. In an attempt to receive the best trading experience, cTrader checks your connection to the proxy and if the connection bandwidth is unable to maintain the connection to a good level, which might result in, for example, a Trade with huge slippage, cTrader gets logged out and tries to log in again to find a proxy with lower latency to connect. This is a safety mechanism, so you should just check your connection and log in again. Traders with multiple charts open need to have a connection with higher bandwidth than users that use just one or two charts simultaneously. Please, check the internet connection requirements and your internet connection before you start trading.

Position Sizing on cTrader

Please note the following information to assist you in placing your trades:

  • Forex

    • Volume of 10k is equivalent to 0.1 lots

    • Volume of 100k is equivalent to 1 lots

  • Metals:

    • XAUUSD_x

      • Volume of 10 oz is equivalent to 0.1 lots

      • Volume of 100 oz is equivalent to 1 lots

    • XAGUSD_x

      • Volume of 500 oz is equivalent to 0.1 lots

      • Volume of 5000 oz is equivalent to 1 lots

  • Commodities

    • Volume of 10 barrels is equivalent to 0.1 lots

    • Volume of 100 barrels is equivalent to 1 lots

  • Indices:

    • NSDQ_x, ASX_x, CAC_x, DOW_x , FTSE_x, SP_x, and STOXX50_x

      • Volume of 1.0 is equivalent to 0.1 lots

      • Volume of 10 is equivalent to 1 lots

    • NIKKEI_x

      • Volume of 100 is equivalent to 0.1 lots

      • Volume of 1000 is equivalent to 1 lots

    • DAX_x

      • Volume of 2.5 is equivalent to 0.10 lots

      • Volume of 25 is equivalent to 1 lots

  • Crypto

    • Volume of 0.1 is equivalent to 0.10 lots

    • Volume of 1 is equivalent to 1 lots

cTrader Charting and Analysis Tools

  • Advanced Charting: cTrader offers advanced charting capabilities, including multiple timeframes, customizable indicators, and various chart types.

  • Technical Analysis Tools: The platform comes equipped with a wide range of technical indicators and drawing tools for comprehensive market analysis.

  • Detachable Charts: Traders can detach charts and use them on multiple monitors, enhancing the trading experience for those who monitor multiple assets simultaneously.

Useful Resources​

How can I contact cTrader?

You can ask any questions directly to cTrader via their Forums. Please note, the more information on the problem that is provided (detailed description, screenshots, etc.), the faster your issue may be resolved. Alternatively, use the hot keys Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T while using cTrader desktop application to invoke a Troubleshooting form. Other helpful resources include:

What should I do if I encounter any issues with cTrader?

If you experience any issues, our support team is ready to assist you. Contact us via Live Chat, and we'll ensure your concerns are addressed promptly.

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