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What is the maximum open simulated positions allowed?
What is the maximum open simulated positions allowed?

Restrictions on Number of Simulated Positions Allowed Open at a Time

Updated over a week ago

Eightcap Trading Platform 5 Open Simulated Positions Limit

  • For traders using the Eightcap Trading Platform 5 for both Challenge Phases, and Simulated Funded Accounts, the maximum number of positions that can be open at a time is limited to 200 Simulated positions per account. This is in order to preserve our server capacity, and ultimately ensure a better user experience for all our traders.

  • Please note that once you have reached the 200 Simulated position limit threshold, you will not be able to open any new Simulated positions until you've closed enough trades to fall back under 200 open Simulated positions.

ThinkMarkets and Purple Trading SC Accounts

  • These restrictions do not apply to traders using ThinkMarkets or Purple Trading SC accounts.

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