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Is scalping permitted?
Is scalping permitted?

Guidelines and Restrictions for Scalpers

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Scalping on TFT Challenge and Simulated Funded Accounts

  • At The Funded Trader (TFT), scalping is permitted on all TFT Challenge and Simulated Funded Accounts. Nevertheless, we advise against trading during significant macroeconomic news events.

  • It is important to note that scalping within 2 minutes before or after news events is strictly prohibited and will be considered a violation, applicable only to TFT Regular Standard, Regular Rapid, Regular Dragon and Knight Simulated Funded Accounts.

Trading During News-Events

Forex Economic Calendar

It is important to note that any red folder events shown on an Economic Calendar site that are not listed in the table mentioned here are still counted as news-restricted events. Typically, you can filter events by expected impact on these sites. Here are some websites where you can find Forex economic news:

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