Overview of TFT

An overview of The Funded Trader

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What is The Funded Trader and how does it work?

The Funded Trader LLC is organized under Texas law and has been providing evaluation services to traders since 2021. The Funded Trader offers Customers the opportunity to have their trading evaluated in selected markets on a simulated basis through demo accounts and shares the results of such evaluations with a partnered proprietary trading firm. Qualified Customers receive remuneration for the data that they provide to the proprietary firm, calculated based on net gain, if any, achieved by Customers from their simulated trading in demo accounts.

How does TFT conduct business?

We are open about TFT’s principles to be honest, transparent, and support the trading community. We take what we regard as our responsibility to that community seriously.

What proactive steps is TFT taking to ensure they will have continuity into the future?

We are proactively monitoring the industry, attempting to identify trends, operate in a fully compliant manner and striving to evolve and remain as dynamic as the industry itself.

Some of the things we are doing to continue remaining viable in the industry are as follows:

  • Refinement of our existing Compliance processes.

  • Continuous assessment of internal and external risks/opportunities and how we can proactively mitigate them.

  • Continuous product innovation in a responsible manner.

  • Continuing to staff and engage with subject matter experts in various business domains such as Finance, Risk, Compliance, Legal, Operations, Technology and the list goes on.

We are excited to continue evolving with the industry. Our commitment to ethical conduct, in addition to innovation, remains at the core of our business.

Am I trading real funds at The Funded Trader?

The Funded Trader offers Customers the opportunity to have their trading evaluated in selected markets on a simulated basis in demo accounts, and is not a broker or financial institution. As such, The Funded Trader does not retain any Customer funds in investments or otherwise, or offer Customers the opportunity to trade their own funds.

What is TFT doing to safeguard payouts?

Payouts to Customers whose trading on a simulated basis produces net gain, and complies with the requirements and conditions established by our proprietary trading partner, are tracked and monitored by a finance team dedicated to forecasting liquidity and cash requirements, inclusive of payouts. The proprietary firm continuously analyzes and attempts to ensure that the proprietary firm is prepared for all foreseeable financial obligations.

Are the brokers TFT partners with regulated?

We are partnered with third-party brokers which are regulated by various non-U.S. regulatory bodies. This was an important criterion when looking for partners to work with.

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