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Exploring TFT Games: Rules, Prizes, and Eligibility

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The TFT Games are a cost-free initiative by The Funded Trader aimed at giving back to the community. We achieve this through weekly game tournaments, rewarding winners with prizes. The TFT Games also aims to offer a form of recreation for its community. Currently, The TFT Games feature tournaments in Poker, Chess, Call of Duty Mobile, and RC Racing.

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Each tournament is governed by its own set of rules; however, all TFT Games adhere to a shared set of rules to ensure fair gameplay. These guidelines encompass the following:

  1. It is strictly prohibited to hire someone to participate on behalf of a player. Participants must compete individually without external assistance.

  2. Players must not use another Trader's/Player's account or information to participate in tournaments or claim prizes. Impersonation is strictly forbidden.

  3. Participants are eligible to win only one prize within a 30-day period. Any attempts, intentional or unintentional, to circumvent this rule are prohibited.

  4. Engaging as a trader or in a group, and encouraging friends or family members to register solely to boost winning chances, is not allowed. Players should aim for individual participation, avoiding actions that artificially inflate their odds.

  5. Participating with the intention of selling or giving away challenge accounts won to other Traders is not permitted. Players must compete solely for personal account acquisition.

  6. Exploiting TFT games in any way to profit, except through legitimate challenge account wins and payouts, is strictly prohibited.

  7. To familiarize yourself with the particular rules of each tournament, kindly join the designated channels listed below. There, you can review the rules specific to each channel or request help from the relevant Game Moderator.

    1. Chess Discord Channel

    2. Poker Discord Channel

    3. RC-Racing Discord Channel

    4. COD-Mobile Discord Channel

  8. Any unethical behavior, actions, or gaming practices not explicitly mentioned will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of TFT Game Moderators.

  9. TFT Games reserves the right to disqualify and ban participants for suspicious activities or violations of tournament rules. Prizes may be rejected if deemed necessary.

  10. TFT game rules are subject to change, and players are encouraged to regularly review both general and specific tournament rules.

  11. If ineligible for a prize or permanently banned, the TFT Game Moderator will inform the player of the offense committed or the violated rule. However, evidence may not be provided to safeguard the integrity of investigating unethical gaming practices.

Frequency of Games

  • The TFT Games take place on a weekly basis, and each tournament adheres to a distinct schedule. Kindly participate by joining the Discord channel and consulting the relevant game announcement channel for the tournament schedule. Should you require assistance, feel free to reach out to the designated Game Moderator.

  • Additionally, please stay vigilant by monitoring the specific game announcement channel in the TFT Discord server for any updates or alterations to the schedule or timing.

Am I Eligible to Enter?

  • The primary goal of the TFT Games is to make a positive contribution to the community. However, players and traders from other communities or evaluation firms are welcome to participate, as long as they can adhere to The Funded Trader's Terms of Use when claiming and trading the challenge accounts they win. To be eligible for claiming Challenge accounts:

    1. Participants must have registered a TradeHub account.

    2. Participants must meet all requirements outlined in the specific tournament rules to claim prizes from the TFT Game.

    3. Participants must have competed in the tournament without violating any tournament rules or engaging in suspicious or unethical activities.

  • It's worth noting that, as the majority of TFT Games participants are traders with average gaming skills, professional players from each game seeking casual play or practice are discouraged from joining. This precautionary measure is implemented to uphold a positive tournament experience for our traders.

What Prizes are Available?

  • TFT Challenge accounts and discount codes are available as prizes for winners in the TFT Games. The announcement of prizes for tournament winners (after a post-tournament review) will be made in the relevant game announcement channel before the tournament begins.

  • Stay current and informed about upcoming TFT Games tournaments and their prizes by joining our Discord server.

How Can I Get Help with TFT Games?

  1. Create a game support ticket and describe the issue for which you require assistance.

  2. The Game Moderator will respond to your request as soon as possible.

  3. You can also ask in the relevant Game Chat, tagging the Game Moderator responsible for that specific game.

We appreciate your participation in our TFT Games community and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

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