TFT Giveaway Rules

Navigating TFT Giveaways: Your Essential Guide To The Rules

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Thank you for participating in our TFT giveaways! We want to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone. Please take a moment to read through our frequently asked questions regarding the giveaway rules.

Can a winner receive multiple accounts by winning in different giveaways?

Yes, winners are eligible to receive multiple accounts if they win in different giveaways. We believe in spreading the joy and giving everyone a fair chance to win.

What happens if the same winner receives more than one prize in the same giveaway?

If a participant is selected as a winner for more than one prize in the same giveaway, they will only be eligible to receive one prize. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy our giveaways.

Why might I be required to record a video logging into my account?

In certain circumstances, we may request that the winner records a video logging into their account. This is done to ensure the rightful owner is claiming the prize and to maintain the integrity of the giveaway. Rest assured, your privacy and sensitive information will be respected, and the video verification is solely for the purpose of confirming ownership.

How long does it take to receive my giveaway prize?

All TFT Giveaway prizes are scheduled to be distributed within 5-7 working days. Kindly refrain from requesting updates from the Support Team during this processing period after you have submitted your form. Your patience is appreciated as we work to fulfill and deliver your prize.

How do I access the giveaway form?

To access the Giveaway form, please click on the link provided under the specific giveaway post/announcement. The form is designed to match the participant to their contact information, facilitating the smooth and timely delivery of prizes. Please provide accurate information to avoid any delays.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team via Live Chat. We appreciate your participation and wish you the best of luck in our TFT giveaways!

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