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A Comprehensive Guide to The Funded Trader Free Trial Account
A Comprehensive Guide to The Funded Trader Free Trial Account

Guidelines and Rules to our Free Trial accounts

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  • Our Free Trial accounts are an introduction to our distinctive two-phase challenge structure and are designed to offer an understanding of what to expect when embarking on our challenges.

  • These free trial accounts showcases our commitment to highlighting the tools and experiences we offer. Successfully navigating the Free Trial repeatedly suggests a potential to excel in the TFT Challenge.

  • Kindly be aware that passing a Free Trial account does not grant automatic access to a challenge or funded account. There is no reward offered for passing a Free Trial account.

Key Highlights of Free Trials

  • A single customer is eligible for one Free Trial account at a time, and a maximum of two Free Trial accounts may be provided in any given month. In the event of a breach of the first trial account, you have the option to request the second trial account immediately.

  • There are no restrictions on lot sizes.

  • Both EAs and trade copiers are permitted on Free Trial accounts.

  • Available on Think Markets Trading Platform 5 only.

  • The account size will be 100K in simulated funds.

  • For a list of permissible instruments, please refer to the associated article.


Simulated Profit Target


Simulated Max Daily Drawdown

5% Daily Drawdown (Daily floating loss + closed loss)

Simulated Max Initial Deposit Drawdown


Minimum Simulated Trading Days


Maximum Simulated Trading Days


100k Free Trial Account Example:

In the case of a $100k Free Trial account, you must not have more than a $5,000 simulated drawdown based on your simulated balance or equity (whichever is higher) on your trading account within a 24-hour period starting at 5pm EST.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a broker/platform change allowed?
    Please note that a Broker or Platform change is not allowed for Free Trial accounts. ​​

  • What are the Lot Size Rules?
    ​There are no lot size limits during any phases of our programs. We do not add any extra limits on top of what the ThinkMarkets broker allows for Free Trial accounts. ​Please review the max lot limits provided by the brokers on this sheet.​

  • Is News trading allowed?
    We allow simulated news trading for all Free Trial accounts. ​

  • What is the Leverage?
    All Free Trial accounts has the following leverage on the accounts:​

    • Forex: 1:200

    • Gold & Commodities: 1:40

    • Indices: 1:20

    • Crypto: 1:2​

  • Can we hold simulated trades overnight/over the weekend?
    The Funded Trader does allow holding simulated trades overnight and over the weekend for Free Trial accounts.

  • Is Simulated Crypto Trading allowed?
    Certainly, Simulated Crypto trading is allowed on Free Trial accounts throughout the week. However, it is temporarily unavailable every Saturday from 5 am to 9 am EST due to the broker's maintenance window. Additionally, there is a one-hour break on Fridays after market close, occurring between 5 pm and 6 pm EST.

  • What are the commissions on the Free Trial account?

    Here is the commission structure on all Free Trial accounts that are available on ThinkMarkets:

    • Forex/Metals: $7 per lot

    • Indices/Crypto/Oil: $0 per lot

Please Note: Your trading journey on the Free Trial accounts are routed through a simulated feed, therefore simulating, real market conditions.

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