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Quick guide to TFT Bounty App's coupons

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Coupons Usage

The TFT Hunt app rewards users with coupon codes based on monthly contest results or Jackpot rewards. As a user, once you earn a coupon, you will be able to see it in the Hunt app wallet at

There are two ways to be rewarded a coupon through the application which is by jackpot or the monthly contest:

Using Your Jackpot Coupons:

When you receive a Jackpot Coupon, you'll also get an email containing the respective checkout URL. Please note:

  • Jackpot Coupons cannot be used on the Trade Hub.

  • They are exclusively valid for WordPress Checkout. (Links can be found below)

How to Redeem Your Jackpot Coupons: Choose the challenge you wish to purchase and click on the corresponding link:

  • If you'd like to purchase a Standard Challenge - Click here

  • If you'd like to purchase a Rapid Challenge - Click here

  • If you'd like to purchase a Royal Challenge - Click here

  • If you'd like to purchase a Knight Challenge - Click here

Available Jackpot Coupons & Their Benefits:

  • Small Challenge Discount: 10% off

  • Medium Challenge Discount: 15% off

  • Large Challenge Discount: 25% off

  • Kings Refund: 200% Refund on first payout

  • Knight Payout Small: 85% Payouts + 200% Refund on first payout

  • King's Payout Medium: 95% Payouts

  • King's Payout Large: 90% Payouts + 150% Refund on first payout

  • Free Challenge: 100% off

To successfully redeem your coupon, please follow the walkthrough video below!

Using Your Monthly Contest Coupons:

  • All Monthly Contest coupons are to be purchased directly inside of the Trade Hub

  • Coupon Date Stamping:

    Coupons from a given month are dated on the first day of the subsequent month. For example, coupons won in September will be dated on the first day of October as '1.10.2023'.

  • At the end of each month, the contest winners will be sent their coupons by the 3rd working day of the new month. If you are not registered in the Trade Hub by the 2nd of the month you will not be issued your coupon. However, you will have from 2nd - 14th to register in the Trade Hub. Then on the 15th if you registered in the Trade Hub you will receive your contest coupon. If you do not register by the 14th you will no longer be eligible for the previous months coupon.

    Example: Imagine you won a coupon from the October monthly contest. If you are already a member of Trade Hub, you'll receive your coupon via email on the 3rd business day of November. If you haven't registered on Trade Hub by 11/3/2023, you have until 11/14/2023 to sign up.

    Upcoming Months:

    For contests in subsequent months, such as November, the dating and distribution method remains the same with the guidelines mentioned above.

Available Contest Coupons & Their Benefits:

  • Monthly Yellow Knight Reward: 12.5% off any challenge

  • Monthly Blue Knight Reward: 17.5% off any 100K challenge

  • Monthly Grand Diplomat Reward: 25% off any 100K challenge

  • Monthly Heir Reward: 35% Off Any $100k challenge

  • Monthly King/Queen Reward: 50% Off Any $100k challenge

  • Monthly Third Prize Reward: $100k Royal Challenge

  • Monthly Second Prize Reward: $200k Royal Challenge

  • Monthly First Prize Reward: $300k Royal Challenge

Please note that any mention of "profit split" or "payouts" refers to clients being compensated based on their data that is measured by their simulated profit, not the actual simulated profit they generate.

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