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Welcome to The Hunt App

The Hunt App is a loyalty app designed for TFT users. We created this app to reward users for their dedication to the TFT community. There are countless ways to earn coins, rewards, and coupons from TFT in The Hunt App. Here's how to get started:

Earning Gold Coins

Users can earn gold coins by completing actions and chatting on the TFT Discord. Some of the most common tasks are engaging in social media, tapping to spin games, and inviting friends to the community.

You'll receive a certain amount of gold coins for each completed task. The activities you can partake in and the amount of coins you'll receive for each vary on a daily basis, so be sure to check back often.

Unlocking Rewards

Once you've earned enough coins, you can use them to unlock rewards and coupons from TFT each month. The coins you have will be tracked on a leaderboard, and based on your rank you'll unlock exclusive rewards. These rewards can range from challenges to free spins, and more.

All rewards except Jackpot cash rewards are automated and can be redeemed through the app or integrated into the coupon system. There is no need for manual effort to receive rewards.

Price Prediction Feature

The Price Prediction Feature is a contest within the Hunt app that allows users to predict the daily bitcoin price for additional gold coins. Users who finish in the top 100 will earn triple gold coins. You can earn more referrals and points if you share your prediction on social media through a one-click function in the app.

Hunt App FAQs

Coupon Usage

The TFT Hunt app rewards users with coupon codes based on monthly contest results or Jackpot rewards. As a user, once you earn a coupon, you will be able to see it in the Hunt app wallet at

There are two ways to be rewarded a coupon through the application which is by jackpot or the monthly contest:

1. All Jackpot coupons are valid in the Wordpress Checkout Page:

Checkout URL’s will be included in the email you receive with the coupon.

2. All Monthly Contest coupon are to be are valid directly inside of the Trade Hub:

At the end of each month, the contest winners will be sent their coupons by the 2nd day of the new month. If you are not registered in the trade hub by the 2nd of the month you will not your coupon. You will have from 2nd - 14th to register in the trade hub. Then on the 15th if you registered in the trade hub you will receive your contest coupon. If you do not register by the 14th you will no longer be eligible for the previous months coupon.

To successfully redeem your coupon, please follow the walkthrough video below!

Trouble Logging into Account

In the event that you are having issues logging into your account - it is likely that you may be locked out of your preferred login method.

An immediate workaround will be to try logging in with your Twitter Account (if you completed a Twitter action before) or with your activated web3 wallet.

Submission Review Process & Pending Points

Due to the thousands of submissions received on a daily basis, please allow 3 business days for your submissions to be reviewed, approved, and points/coins credited. Submissions are not reviewed on the weekends.

In the event that your submission has been rejected, there may be several reasons such as:

  • Incorrect information

  • Submission not relevant to the action requested

  • Low-quality submission

  • Fake information provided

To avoid delays, please be sure you are uploading accurate information, and that the submissions are of high quality and legible.


To maintain fairness and integrity for all our users, we strictly prohibit the use of bots, fake users, and fake submissions. Any user found engaging in these activities will be immediately banned from our platform, and all rewards earned will be forfeited.

We take these violations very seriously, as they can undermine the trust and credibility of our platform. We believe that a fair and transparent system is essential for the success of our community, and we encourage all users to report any suspicious activity they may encounter

BTC Price Prediction Help

If you encounter an error while trying to submit your price prediction, it could be due to a few different reasons. For example, if you are using a VPN while being in the US, some services may not work properly. Alternatively, there might be an issue with the price feed, causing it to load incorrectly on your end. To help us resolve the issue, please click on this link and share a screenshot with us:

Another reason for this error could be that you're trying to place a prediction that falls outside of the allowed range. Our system only allows predictions within 10% above or below the current price of Bitcoin. While some users may attempt to place predictions outside of this range to increase their chances of winning, it's not possible to do so.
If you're encountering this issue, we suggest making a prediction within the allowed range to ensure it's accepted by our system.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team

A potential quick fix for any of the issues stated above, please disconnect from the hunt app by following this link:, then be sure to clear your cache and cookies before attempting to sign in

Getting Started

If you're ready to start earning coins and unlock rewards, head over to the Bounty App.
Please contact our support team via the live chat or email us at '[email protected]' for any questions or help getting started!

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