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When can I withdraw my payouts for the Knights Challenge?
When can I withdraw my payouts for the Knights Challenge?

Payout withdrawal schedule, simulated profit split, and process for the Knights Challenge

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Payout Frequency

  • Traders who select the Knights Challenge are eligible to receive 80% of their simulated profits every 7 days after the first trade in placed on the account. Payouts will be processed within 72 hours.

  • Subsequent withdrawals can be requested 7 days from the date following your first trade date after a previous withdrawal.

  • When you make a withdrawal from the account it reduces the trader’s virtual Relative Drawdown by the same amount. For example, if your Simulated account is at $107,000 and you withdraw $5,000. You will only have a $2,000 simulated drawdown left to trade as the account has simulated relative drawdown.


If you purchased an account with a special profit promotion, that percentage will be the account's base simulated profit split.

  • i.e. If an account was purchased with a 90% promotion, the account's simulated profit split will remain at 90% for all subsequent withdrawals.

Note: A profit split means you are paid based on data which is measured by simulated profit.

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