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What is The Funded Trader Kings Program?
What is The Funded Trader Kings Program?
Details on our Kings program, and how you can become eligible.
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The King's Program is our exciting new program available exclusively to our Funded Traders. Those eligible for this program will be amongst our top, most successful and long term traders who have proven themselves to be consistent, disciplined, and overall professionals within this industry. Being apart of this program means you will have access to exclusive benefits, and bragging rights!


Trader's apart of the King's Program can expect to receive the following benefits:

  1. Ability to withdraw profits at anytime from Deel and Crypto. You no longer will have a set payout date, as you can request your withdrawal at any moment with no limitations or caps on frequency of requests. If you want to make a withdrawal everyday - you can do so.

  2. 8-hour payout processing time. Upon requesting and confirming your withdrawal with our Payout Team, you can expect to receive your funds within 8 hours or less.

  3. 90% payouts. Your profit split percentage will be permanently set to 90% on your dashboard and for all payout requests.

How do you qualify?

Beginning in February 2023, we will be reaching out to participants that are eligible so they can get their accounts adjusted with the benefits! You can find the criteria to qualify for this program moving forward below.


  1. You must have a minimum of 5 consecutive withdrawals already made on a single account (All account types and programs are eligible).

  2. The minimum closed volume of 30m per $100K of starting balance. This would be your notional volume which can be calculated as (lot size x contract size x entry price. This feature for it to be displayed automatically on your dashboard will be available soon!

    Example Account Link
    Calculation Sheet Link

3. Account must be positive at the time of eligibility.

4. Account has not violated TFT’s trading rules (lot size limits, trade copying, etc)

5. Account does not show a pattern of risking large % of accounts size with no clear trading strategy at any point during the duration of the account.

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