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  • Terms: 15% off + 95% first profit split + 110% refund

  • End Date: September 30, 2023


  • Terms: 10% off + 90% lifetime payout + 125% refund

  • End Date: September 30, 2023


Terms: 40% off + 95% Lifetime Payout on ALL $5k - $10k Rapid and Standard Challenges

End Date: September 30, 2023


For traders who have purchased during our previous promotions and used the codes: CROWN15, SANTACLAUS, GOLDENKEY, MARBLE, TFTHONOR, PROFITTAKERS and TFTPROFITS5 - Please review the payout process and eligibility requirements for the Phase 1 + Phase 2 simulated profit bonuses below:

Detailed Overview:
You will be eligible for 5/10/15% (depending on the coupon) of the simulated profits from Phase 1 and Phase 2 once you accumulate 10% in lifetime earnings on your simulated account. This means that if you are trading a simulated Funds $100k standard challenge you will be entitled to 10% of the $10,000 you made during the challenges (phase 1 = $10,000 + phase 2 = $5,000) which is $1,500 + $604 that you paid for the challenge. This will be paid once you achieve a cumulative simulated profit of 10% on your simulated account. It can be achieved on any withdrawal. If you make $5,000 on your first payout and $5,000 on your second payout then you will be given the bonus profits from the challenge!


  • If a trader makes 10% on the first withdrawal, then they will qualify for the 10% simulated profit split on phases 1 and 2.

  • If a trader makes 5% on the first withdrawal, then they do not qualify for the phase 1/2 simulated profit split. If on the second payout, a trader makes 5% again (e.g. 5K + 5K on 100K account), then the aggregate amount withdrawn is now 10% of the account, which will now qualify for the 10% to 15% simulated profit split (depending on the coupon) on phase 1 and 2 on the second payout.

Note: A profit split means you are paid based on data which is measured by simulated profit.

Please contact our support team via live chat for assistance with any questions or concerns!

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