Are competitions free?

Signing up for competitions are free to everyone

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Welcome To The Funded Trader Competitions!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Funded Trader, a wonderful platform for experienced and novice traders alike. Every month, we launch a free competition offering you the opportunity to test and refine your trading abilities, connect with traders from all around the world, and learn more about the Funded Trader. This is a great way to build an impressive repertoire of trading wisdom and become a stronger trader.

Competition Details

Every competition we launch is free for anyone to sign up for. You can join regardless of experience level and compete with other traders from around the world. Those who are just starting their trading journey are especially encouraged to take part. As you compete, you will gain valuable knowledge and become better at trading.

Please note, if your account is disqualified, this is irreversible and cannot be changed. We welcome you to join the next month's competition.

Getting Started

To get started, select a competition to join and make sure you comply with the instructions. Follow the instructions to register and you’ll gain access to the competition. You’ll then have the chance to compete against other traders, demonstrate your expertise, and hone your skills.


If you have any questions or run into any issues while joining or competing in a competition, please raise a ticket with us via the Chat tab on the bottom right hand corner.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Experience!

We look forward to watching you compete and grow your trading skills. Good luck and enjoy the experience with us!

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