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Do you have somewhere I can easily review my account rules, stats, and history?
Do you have somewhere I can easily review my account rules, stats, and history?

How to make sure you are following all the rules.

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  • Our system automatically breaches accounts that violate any of the drawdown rules or run out of days in their challenge.

  • To make sure you are complying with all the rules or where you are in terms of drawdown, please visit the Trade Hub, head over to the "Dashboard" toggle, and select the account number in question from the dropdown menu in the top left corner. NOTE: Please make sure the account is marked "visible" in the Account Overview section of the Trade Hub, in order to view it in the Dashboard section.

For Simulated Funded Accounts, please review the What is the lot size limit? Help Center article to understand the maximum lot exposure for certain instruments within a Simulated Funded Account.

Other Rules to Keep in Mind

Password Changes on Evaluation Accounts

  • Any accounts that change their master or investor passwords at any time during the challenge will automatically forfeit the challenge and are not eligible to continue trading. In order to review your account, we need to have access to it. If it is found that your password has been changed, there is no way for us to know if you have failed or passed, or if your strategies are legitimate.

  • For example, connecting your account to services such as myfxbook, which requires users to change their investor password, would breach this rule.

Who Can Trade Your Account

  • All accounts associated with our challenges must be traded on by only the trader who owns the account and must not be altered once a phase is passed.

Altering Accounts

  • Once you pass Phase 1 or Phase 2, please do not alter the account in any way, and make sure to close all positions. Altering an account after it has passed a phase will result in the account being invalid and therefore cause the trader to have to redo that phase.

  • Additionally, if an account you have already passed ends up being traded in any way, all following/upgraded accounts will be considered as failed and there will be no redo.

Trading Demo Accounts

  • All accounts are demo accounts. Therefore, it is against our rules to take advantage of any of the following: Even when a client becomes a Simulated Funded Trader, they will be provided a demo account with simulated funds equal to their account size. Funded Traders are entitled to 80% of the simulated profits made in this account. It is against our rules to take advantage of strategies that generate risk-free, consistent profits only on demo accounts. Our Simulated Funded Traders are expected to be trading on their accounts as if they are live accounts. Any use of a strategy that takes advantage of demo accounts will result in the closure of a Funded Trader’s account, whether in the evaluation phase or while Simulated funded. Examples of strategies that go against our rules include:

  1. Use of the guarantee of compliance with limit simulated orders (including take profit and stop loss)

  2. Use of platform or data freezing due to a Demo Server error

  3. Use of a delayed data feed

  4. Trading on delayed charts

  5. Trading at a time of significant macroeconomic reports, and being filled at an unrealistic price due to the volatility of the event

  6. Use of hedging trades between accounts

  • These are the most common strategies that we have seen people use to take advantage of demo accounts, though this list does not represent all possible strategies that would go against our trading rules. If any account is seen to be using unfair strategies or an unrealistic trading style, it will not be eligible to be Simulated funded. To learn more about this rule check out our article Trading According to the Real Market?

Trading Responsibly on Simulated Funded Accounts

  • If you fail your Simulated funded account within the first day that you acquire it, you will no longer be eligible for funding with our firm. This behavior is deemed reckless and unprofessional. We only wish to work with individuals who trade professionally.

Inactivity Periods

Please note that all accounts in all phases will be limited to a 30-day inactivity period. This means that if a trader does not log into their account for more than 30 consecutive days, the account will be deactivated. This helps us make sure that traders are participating and minimizes hosting fees for accounts that are inactive.

Please note that:

  • Days are consecutive, not simulated trading days.

  • Activity means logging into the account, not necessarily taking positions.

If your account is inactive you will need to contact us via live chat or email and request new account details to log back in.

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