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Guidelines for Overnight and Weekend Trading & Simulated Crypto Trading
Guidelines for Overnight and Weekend Trading & Simulated Crypto Trading

Details about holding trades over the weekend or overnight and Simulated Crypto Trading

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Simulated Crypto Trading & Weekend Trading

Purple Trading

  • Simulated crypto trading is only allowed on:

    • Standard Challenge

    • Rapid Challenge

    • Royal Challenge

    • Dragons Challenge

  • Simulated crypto trading is not allowed in the following scenarios:

    • Funded accounts

    • During the weekend

    • Knights Challenge


  • Simulated Crypto trading is permitted throughout the week for Phase 1, 2, 3 and Funded for the following accounts:

    • Rapid Challenge

    • Royal Challenge

    • Knights Challenge

    • Standard Challenge


  • Simulated Crypto trading is permitted throughout the week however, it is closed every Saturday between 5am and 9am EST which is the broker's maintenance window. They also have an hour break on Friday after market close between 5pm and 6pm EST.

Accounts Not Allowed to Hold Trades Over the Weekend

As of June 20th, 2022, The Funded Trader does not allow holding simulated trades over weekends for the following account types (Challenge & Funded):

  • Standard Challenge - Regular Account

  • Rapid Challenge - Regular Account

  • Dragons Challenge - Regular Account

Note: Holding simulated trades over the weekend refers to retaining them from Friday to Saturday. While these trades might be restricted, customers can still execute trades on cryptocurrency during the weekend in selected simulated markets.


  • Traders are fully responsible to ensure their open simulated trades are closed each week on Friday by 4:00 pm EST. We encourage traders to manually close their simulated trades.

  • Our system is designed to liquidate all open simulated trades on all regular accounts each Friday at 4:00 pm EST, send an email notification informing our clients, and turn demo accounts on read-only until just before market-open the following week.

  • However, it is possible for minor time delays in this process that can result in some simulated trades not closing prior to the 4:00 pm EST cutoff time, thus resulting in a breached account.

  • The Funded Trader is not responsible for breached accounts where traders do not ensure their simulated trades are closed on Fridays by 4:00 pm EST on regular accounts.

  • To avoid a possible breach of your account for not complying with this rule, we encourage all traders to manually close their simulated trades on each Friday by 4:00 pm EST.

Account Permissions: Holding Trades Over the Weekend & Overnight

Challenge Type

Allowed to Trade Over Weekend

Allowed to Hold Trades Overnight (Mon-Fri)

Dragons Challenge

Swing Account

Regular & Swing

Standard Challenge

Swing Account

Regular & Swing

Rapid Challenge

Swing Account

Regular & Swing

Royal Challenge



Knight's Challenge



Holding Forex / Crypto / Metals / Indices over the weekend

  • Please be aware, however, of the risks associated with market gaps when trading pairs that do not stay open with weekend trading hours like Forex pairs, Indices, and Commodities.

  • As a risk manager, it is your job to determine the risks and rewards of holding a simulated position over the weekend and we do not want to limit a trader's strategy.

  • If a gap occurs and causes a violation, that is the trader’s responsibility.

Holding Shares

  • We do not allow the trading of shares and therefore we do not support trading shares over the weekend or overnight.

Drawdown Considerations

  • The simulated max daily drawdown resets every day at 5:00 PM EST. To ensure smooth functionality, we advise our simulated traders to not execute trades in between the window of 4:57 PM - 5:03 PM EST when the drawdown is being reset.

  • Once your last simulated balance/equity (whichever is higher) is pulled for the trading day your dashboard will update with your new simulated Daily Breach Level. This is the amount your account simulated equity must stay above in order to not be breached.

If you wish to transition between a Regular and a Swing demo account, or vice versa, kindly reach out to our live chat or contact our support email here.

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