What is a Prop Firm?

Explanation of what a prop firm or demo trading evaluation firm is.

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  • A prop firm is an entity in which a trader is allocated simulated capital in order for the trader employ their own market strategies and receive a remuneration based on a portion of any virtual profits made using that simulated capital.

  • Historically, prop firms have been brick-and-mortar establishments that employed traders with years of experience or trained less experienced traders on how to become profitable after the trader put up a large sum of their own capital used for their initial training period. These types of "old-school" prop firms are not very inclusive and the barriers to entry can be prohibitively expensive for the average retail trader.

The Funded Trader differs from these types of firms in several ways:

  1. By allowing traders from around the world to sign up and participate in our evaluation program remotely for a sign-up fee that is substantially less than the average brick-and-mortar firm, we have successfully shattered the barrier to entry. This leaves only the most important fact to be considered for entry into our program, whether a trader actually has a profitable strategy or not.

  2. By allocating all Funded Traders with simulated balances on demo accounts, our firm is able to diversify the type of trading data we are receiving which allows for substantial improvements in the amount of traders that can be successful on our platform at any given time.

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