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How do I get started with The Funded Trader?
How do I get started with The Funded Trader?

How to become a member of The Funded Trader's community

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Starting out with The Funded Trader is very simple! Below are the steps required to become part of our community.

How to Become Part of Our Community

  1. Navigate to the Challenge section of our home page.

  2. Select the program and account size you would like to participate in, for example, the "Standard Challenge" program, and $200,000 account size.

  3. Review the rules of the program and visit our Help Center if you have any doubts regarding the rules of any of our programs.

  4. Click the blue "Buy" button at the bottom of your desired program's banner, enter your billing details, and complete your payment.

    1. IMPORTANT: we only accept ERC20 Network addresses for the processing of payouts via crypto. If you submit a payment on any other network besides ERC20 or through any other coin that is not accepted by TFT, your funds will not go through and we will not be in any position to provide technical support for you to receive these funds back.

    2. Please also ensure you only using the Ethereum Main Network and not the Ethereum Layer 2 network. If sent via the Layer 2 network, we will not be able to access these funds your funds and we will not be in any position to provide technical support for you to receive these funds back.

    3. Please also note that our payment wallet addresses expire after 1 hour. If a payment is sent after the expiry window, our system will stop searching for the payment and it may be lost and login credentials will not be sent.

  5. Within a few minutes (sometimes longer for Migpayment orders as they have to be first confirmed on the blockchain), you will receive your account credentials in a welcome email and will be able to access the Trading Platform as well as the Dashboard.

Payment Methods We Support

Explore our diverse range of payment options and supported cryptocurrencies below:

Payment Type


Accepted Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Card


Google Pay

Apple Pay

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC)



Ethereum (ERC-20)

DAI (ERC-20)

Important Note for Cryptocurrency Payments:

  • We only accept ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI on the ERC-20 network.

    • Sending these cryptocurrencies on any other network besides ERC-20 will result in non-receipt of payment.

  • To ensure successful payment, cryptocurrency transactions must be completed within 60 minutes of receiving the Coinbase invoice.

  • Unsupported cryptocurrency recovery is not possible, so ensure you use the correct network.

  • Failure to complete the payment within the specified timeframe may result in the loss of the payment. Please adhere to the specified timeframe for cryptocurrency payments to avoid any payment-related issues.

Using Google Pay and Apple Pay

How to Use:

Ensure Google Pay or Apple Pay is set up on your device. Select the payment option at checkout and authenticate with your device’s security (e.g., fingerprint, Face ID).

Device and Browser Support:

  • Google Pay: Android devices with NFC, Android Lollipop 5.0+.

  • Apple Pay: iPhones with Face ID or Touch ID (excluding iPhone 5s), iPad, Mac, Apple Watch.

  • Browser Compatibility: Safari for Apple Pay; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge for Google Pay.

Security and Privacy:

  • Your payment info is secured with advanced encryption by Google Pay and Apple Pay. We process transactions securely without storing your payment details.


  • Declined Payments: Verify your payment method has funds. If issues persist, contact your bank or our support.

  • Payment Option Visibility: Ensure device compatibility and update payment services. Contact support for issues related to regional or browser compatibility.

  • For additional support, our team is available to assist with your payment inquiries.

KYC/AML Screening

Please note that all Simulated Funded Accounts are subject to a KYC/AML screening prior to being issued, so please ensure that you are able to provide a valid form of photo ID and proof of address within the last 60 days to avoid any delays in receiving your Simulated Funded Account in the event that you are successful in completing the evaluation phase of the program you wish to participate in.

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